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The value given to Morricone as a composer, recognized as well by critics and audiences, isunquestionable... whatever musical genre he is performing. But regarding the Western, the approachof the Maestro can not be indicated and seen only as composer.
His new intuitions in compositionssuch as Una Pistola per Ringo and the music for the first four films of Sergio Leone granted himan instant success and a recognition as a specialist in soundtrack for Western movies.
Now this recognition might be tight for him, but surely if this cinema genre has been one of the most clamorous incident in the international movie chronicles of the 20th century, a big part of the merit can beascribed to him.
The Spaghetti Western results as an individual genre thanks expecially to the innovations, apart from the musical arrangements, of never before used sounds in western movie soundtracks.
Sounds as the anvil, bells, hammers, screams, electric guitars and the Sicilian “maranzano”.
This was a new way to comment a movie that totally changed the already old American standards. It was the creation of a new stile... all Italian.

Marco D’Ubaldo
Alessandro Alessandroni


  01. Duello nel Texas (Suite)
  02. Per un pugno di dollari

Morri western pugno di dollari.mp3

  03. Per qualche dollaro in più
  04. Una pistola per Ringo
  05. Il buono il brutto il cattivo

Morri west buonobrutto.mp3

  06. Faccia a Faccia
  07. La resa dei conti
  08. C'era una volta il west
  09. Il grande silenzio
  10. Tepepa
  11. Il mercenario
  12. Un esercito di cinque uomini
  13. Vamos a matar companeros (New Edit)
  14. Giù la testa (Stereo Mix)
  15. Sonny
  16. Sweet Susan
  17. Il mio nome è nessuno
  18. Non fare l'indiano










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