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India is the largest democracy on the planet. . Millenary rituals live back to back with the most advanced computer science. All climates and habitats on Earth can be found all across the Country and under the most extreme conditions. Languages, dialects, religions, architecture develop through the most different ways to travel, build, live. Likely to be the ultimate experience for the contemporary traveller.


The author's diary finds its roots back in that array of mental short circuits of a generation strongly influenced by the Beatles, Kerouac or the simple quest for adventure. Those were the '70s, where many 'daredevils' at the wheel of their 2CV (Citroen, French car) or Volkswagen van would hit the road toward Middle and Far East Asia, through Benares or Kathmandu.

The author here wants to steer away from that stereotypical India of the Taj Mahal, the Hall of the Winds or other icons, and focus more on those little day-to-day adventure the locals live while on trains, carriages, old broken-down buses, inside their homes or along mountain trails. “My Diary of India” is a colorful and heartbreaking journey among a billion people, stunningly backed up by an impressive photo archive.


- Incredible pictures of 40 years on the road
- Afghanistan of the ‘70s
- Sites, moments, faces and stories of an ”unconventional” India
- Unreleased material


- Travellers and people alike
- Indian culture lovers
- Readers who might want to take a different
  and deeper look into this millenary culture
- Fans of state-of-the-art photography


Claudio Cardelli, traveller through the whole Asian Region since 1970; India and the Himalayas have become his second home country. In the ’80s worked as photographer, reporter and documentary filmmaker for specialized magazines on the Indian Himalayan Region. Has published : “Tra Valli e Picchi” “ Verso il Cuore del Mondo” “Tibetan Shadows”.
President of the Associazione Italia Tibet ( Italy – Tibet Association )















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