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The Cosmic sound phenomenon had its mastermind with Daniele Baldelli , who happened to be the residentdj in the extremely popular Baia Degli Angeli club in Italy around April 1979.
A new whole movement wasabout to see the light along with the explosion of the so called Afro music .
Daniele shaped up a new soundthat would last the test of time mixing classic music with ethnic , progressive and electro samples ; hewould spin Ravel's Bolero overlapping it with an Africa Dolè's track or play some Steve Reich's experimentaltune mixing it with a 'Malinke chant' from New Guinea and that's just the tip of the iceberg...how aboutspotting out the one and only tribal-hypnotic track on the Cat Steven's "Izitso" album or spinning 33's or45's at different speed or viceversa, churning out some African rhythm from a Depeche Mode record...butthere's so much more to it, like blending twenty different African tracks in the same drum machine patternor some Kraftwerk with a batucada song or even using a synthesizer to put tegether the most odd cutsfrom Miram Makeba, Jorge Ben or Fela Kuti and interweave Indian melodies from Ofra Haza or SheilaChandra with the German label Sky Records electro sounds.
Almost three decades after, this genre hasbecome a cult and many new artists and djs find great inspiration in the Cosmic sound style created by Daniele Bertelli.
This book is a journey through those enticing years, filled with rare pictures and writtenby Fabio De Luca a known journalist and radio speaker who witnessed those cool days.
Along with thebook you can find the very first official compilation cd with rare selected tracks by Baldelli himself plusa second cd where our man is laying his hands on the mix back again, with his own unique touch.



  01. Craig Leon - Ring with three concentric circles

Cosmic craig leon.mp3

  02. New Music - While you want
  03. Secession - Touch
  04. Culture Club Feat. Captain Crucial - Murder Rap Trap
  05. Neon - My Blues is You (Slow Dub)
  06. Chris Hinze - African Rapness
  07. Daniele Baldelli - Cosmic Parsley
  08. Tony Esposito - Pagaia
  09. Fad Gadget - State of the Nation
  10. Axxess Pages
  11. Tri Atma und Gyan Nishaba - Naturaliche Liebe
  12. Eddy Trauba & M.M. Greco - Maccaroni Radio
  13. Carte de Sejour - Ouadou
  14. The Units - The Right Man
  15. The Pool - Jamaica Running
  16. Koto Chinese - Revenge
  17. Phill & the Friends - This Man
  18. Wally Badarou - Endless Race

cosmic wally.mp3

  19. Micheal Chapman - Lescudjack
  20. XR7 - XR7













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