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The Legendary Italian Discoteque of the 70's

" ...One day around 77/'78 a friend of mine came back from Riccione with some of Baia Degli Angeli's tapes and that's when I first listened to some true creative mixes for the very first time. What I mean is that the outcome was so much better than the simple sum of two original records... It became clear to me that a DJ could transform records into something totally different. It was a revelation right there...it changed my life around. I tip my hat to people like Daniele Baldelli and Mozart. They invented something from scratch that nobody taught them. On top of that, they spanned from James Brown to Kraftwerk, embracing anything they thought was interesting and innovative. A whole different world right before my eyes! A DJ had the power to pick out the best music and shape it into something else. That was the defining moment when I understood what I wanted to be..."

Claudio Coccoluto



01. SAVANNAH BAND - Cherchez La Femme
02. JAKKI - You Are The Star
03. INNER CITY EXPRESS - Dhu' Dig Dancin' (In my Hi-Heeled Shoes)
04. GAZ - Sing Sing
05. KONGAS - Dr. Doo-Dah
06. THE INVITATION - Funky Road
07. REVELATION - Crocos Dance

Baia John Forde.mp3

08. CLOUD ONE - Happy Music
09. BUBBLE BEE UNLIMITED - Everybody Dance
10. CLOUDE ONE - Spaced Out
11. SKYLINE - I Think I'm Gonna Fall (In Love)
12. SOUND OF INNER CITY - Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
13. SKYLINE - Future Jungle
14. ANTHONY WHITE - Black Party

Baia John Forde.mp3

15. HIGH VOLTAGE - Rock, Spank, Freak
16. RIPPLE - The Beat Goes On And On














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